Friday, July 06, 2007


When something goes wrong that has been working perfectly well for a long time

Scratch your head and wonder what the h.... happened

Then check everything

It all looks OK

Batteries fine

Leads OK

Connections seem fine

No luck
Ring service center go through normal nausea of trying to talk to a human

Human finally comes on line and runs through trouble shooting list

Still nothing, repair call out will cost a million Euros/Pounds and that's without spare parts

Repair man arrives and spends thirty seconds fiddling

Voila it works

Thank you and normal life resumes
Item does not work

Go and buy new unit

Either experience gives you a little jolt and plenty of fiddling around finding service manuals, calling service centers and so on

Notice how quickly life changed with one little inconvenience

Did you get irritable?

Or did your equanimity remain tranquil and undisturbed?

Like most of us you could probably have done better

These experiences are real life

See if you can improve your life performance
Over time it saves a lot of grief and stress.

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