Sunday, July 15, 2007

Truth and how we know

But how do you know that it’s true?…………………………..

For thousands of years, one initiate after another, one great hierophant succeeded by other hierophants, has explored and re-explored the invisible Universe, the worlds of the interplanetary regions, during long periods when his conscious soul, united to the spiritual soul and to the ALL, free and almost omnipotent, left his body.

The mysteries of life as well as death, of the visible and invisible worlds, have been fathomed and observed by initiated adepts in all epochs and in all nations.
They have studied these during the solemn moments of union of their divine monad with the universal Spirit, and they have recorded their experiences.
Thus by comparing and checking the observations of one with those of another, having been able to ascertain that the visions of adepts who lived 10,000 years ago are invariably corroborated and verified by those of modern adepts, to whom the writings of the former never do become known until later --- the truth has been established.

A definite science, based on personal observation and experience, corroborated by continuous demonstrations, containing irrefutable proofs, for those who study it, has thus been established.
HPB, CW V 50-51
This was written in the late 1870's and is as true today as it was then.

Yes there are beings who have gone beyond time and space

Yes there is such a thing as truth

Yes it is known and in your soul you know this too

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