Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not just words

You cannot talk all the time

Some try, but usually wind up being alone

Relationships thrive on emotions shared not just words

Men often find trouble sharing emotions

Why is this?

Cultural reasons might explain a little

No education in this area is another possible reason

Parents who spend little time with their children is another

Parents who never experienced this themselves is more likely

How do you share love if you never knew it yourself?

How do you share emotions of love if you have never seen them

How do you create a loving family if you have never seen one

Been in one

And here's the rub so many have never experienced these things

So next time your partner or friend shows no understanding make sure that they know what you are asking for

You would be surprised how many have no experience of sharing emotions

Simple idea emotions shared

Equals emotions understood

Simple idea yes

Reality no

Realise that words do not mean the other person understands

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