Saturday, June 30, 2007

Evil people

Evil people exist
They are as real as anyone else
They are people who have chosen to use any and all possibilities to advance their own interests

They have no concern for the feelings of others

Morality and ethics play no part in their lives

There are as many evil women as there are evil men

Causing pain, discomfort or death are of absolutely no interest to them

They have no feelings for others only acting as if they do where this is useful


Totally and only interested in self
Selfish and usually without humour

Lie to your face and when caught out tell you that you did not understand properly

That you misunderstood, them

They are never wrong, ever

Very fast and good at lying

So think, you know some evil people

They are unfortunately common in our world

Recognise, label, and stay away

The point of this message?

We see evil people and tend to make excuses because we do not want conflict or trouble

Evil people bank on this and use the basic politeness of people to survive and advance their interests

So it is us who decide who is evil and this only occurs if we have the courage to be honest

To see evil and label it as such

Evil is evil,

It is we who decide

Evil people will not label themselves as such

Indeed one of the favourite hiding places of evil people is to masquerade as holy or saintly almost God like.

Evil people will also gravitate towards power and money

Observe so many leaders in all walks of life today

Yes it is our world

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