Friday, June 29, 2007


Is the male way

Over many thousands of years males have fought each other
Usually killing women and children too
Over the same thousands of years males learnt over and over that the fighting has to eventually stop

Talking and compromise take over

A resolution is arrived at

Today in many places the fighting goes on

Fanatics on both sides screaming how right they are

Usually invoking their Gods

Apparently it has never occurred to them that no loving God would want anything to do with them or their violence

But then it is time that we realised that this is their business not a cause

The cannon fodder might believe but for sure their leaders know better

Cynical leaders deserve to be treated with the same disdain that they show to the world

So let us ask

Do you see yourself involved in any way?

Are you removed from these issues?

Do they touch you?

What should you do?

Should you be involved?


Give it some thought because one day you will probably meet some fanatics

One day your life will be touched

Think now
Not when it happens that's probably too late

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