Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just one more

Day in an increasingly turbulent world

Floods, wind rain, heat waves, fires you name it somewhere in the world today they have it

In fact wherever you are the violence of nature is upon us

Yes our times are a changing

In all likelihood they will stay turbulent for the rest of our lives


Because nature will not allow us to continue without our changing

Will we have the wit to understand this?

On one side greed on the other the quest to understand, to help if we can

Help what?

Change our world that's what


The forces of shallow greed are so great

Yes, that's cool it makes the fight worthwhile

That old cliche is the starting point

Want to change the world?

Then change yourself

It is true

As you change yourself so the world changes

At what ever level you operate or find yourself this is true

Do not question why you are at the level or situation you are at

This is not ours to choose

We are where we are for good reasons beyond our understanding

Just focus on finding the truth about yourself

Yes the truth

Not the stories you tell yourself

The truth and this is the starting point for the changes that are necessary before you can help


Because being in our ego as most are does not allow us to help change much as everything is seen through the prism of our egos

So just one more time get real decide to grow

To find the truth and yes there is truth

Start the journey to find yours today wherever you are whatever you are doing

You do not need a guru

Just the discipline, will power and courage to face yourself.

Start by asking your friends how they find you....................really

Then work from there

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Anonymous said...

When I was 15 we were asked in school what profession we wanted to learn, what we wanted to do with rest of our lives...I thought...I want to change the world...utopia back am 42...and feel that I am doing what I dreamt of doing back changing myself...and it feels like am changing the this blog is very touching to it portrays what a young person was dreaming about, yet thought impossible....and this not being so...THANK YOU