Thursday, October 13, 2005

Accelerating pace of change

The pace of change in our lives is by most definitions accelerating rapidly.

Spiritually however our pace of change is glacial.

Technologically our pace of change is ever faster.

Psychologically the pace of change is stressful.

Our experience of time has changed, it feels that it is going faster.

What this means is that individuals, organisations, governments and countries, in fact most of us with few exceptions are faced with a faster moving life.

A certain percentage of us will adapt to these changes.

Those who cannot adapt will be under increasing pressure.

There is no hiding place.

Learn to accept change, learn to adapt.

Stark situation?

Yes, but then it is only modern man who has been insisting on the illusion of permanency.

In reality there is no permanency, everything is change.

Some thoughts on this:

Even two hundred years ago our ancestors had a slower simpler life in which they had to process information differently. They used their minds to remember things, to store things. This is not to say they were simpler people just that they had different things to remember in order to function effectively.

Over the years and generations man has had to process ever more information. The move from living your day by the sun, the seasons, to watch based time, to the internet has been our journey.

At times during our history we have had to adjust to changes and this is what is now taking place, another adjustment.

The volume of information we currently need to process has caused our minds to drop the retention of unnecessary information.

We no longer need to use our minds in the same way, we do not need to be able to do addition or multiplication, we have calculators. We do not need to know how to make bread we buy it.

We need instead to be able to find things to use our minds to locate, to sort, to sift information, not to retain it so much as in the past.

We are letting go of everything that creates overload.

So we have dropped yesterday, we don't need it.

We have dropped relationships that are not immediate.

We relate physically only to those around us and to the rest through electronic communications.

Do not waste your life looking forward or backwards it does not help you live your life now.

Nature is encouraging us to focus on the now, there is no other reality.

Oh yes!..................... and there is no time to do otherwise anyway!

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