Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lies are bad for your health

In many ancient cultures lying was considered to be the ultimate crime.

Today politicians and many others seem to think that lying or spinning as they quaintly call their lies is just fine.

Many others feel that telling a so called white lie is also just fine.

Sorry a lie is a lie.

And so why is lying bad for my health?

All humans have a personal finite amount of energy and most for various reasons run on only a fraction of their energy potential.

When you lie you make a conscious decision to deceive and go against what you know to be the truth.

Over time lying is very wearing as it requires a decision to deceive each time.

Living with deceit is wearing.

Cumulatively lying is taking your life energy little by little.

It is wearing because you must remember which lies were said where and to whom.

Evil people who lie all the time often become paranoid because the effort of remembering or inventing new lies is very tiring, hence the paranoia.

So if your game is lying think twice it's not a very clever life strategy.

Lying once in a while is also not helpful because the tempation to do it whenever under pressure is always there, whereas if you never lie then there is no pressure, no decision.

Give up lying today!

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