Saturday, October 01, 2005

Is it Scientifically proven?

How many people ask this question when being told something new to them?

Many people.

So where to go?

Mobile phones are dangerous, scientists say
Mobile phone are not dangerous, scientists say

Living near power lines is not dangerous, scientists say.
Living near power lines is dangerous, scientists say.

Prozac is safe scientists from the manufacturer said, today we know this to be untrue.
Butter is better for you than margarine scientists say, not true say others.
British Government scientists also said at first no worries about mad cow disease.

And so on and so on, chose your spin there is a case today for any proposition.

Maybe all that can be said is to use our common sense and not get carried away by the hype or spin.

We can also observe that certain organisations and structures are very resistant to change.

So again maybe an open mind and common sense are our best guide.

As Heisenberg said there are no absolute truths.

Maybe only 10% of scientific "facts" are beyond challenge in our present culture.

According to the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers there are more than 2,000 scientific publishers worldwide. They publish more than 1.2 million scientific articles each year in some 16,000 journals.

Which ones are scientifically proven then?

Today this one tomorrow that one.

Open your mind, inform yourself!

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