Thursday, October 20, 2005


A child does not see what you see.

A dog does not see what we see.

Men and women tend to see different things in the same scene.

In fact few of us see the same things exactly the same way, however we do not realise this because we tend to assume that others see what we see.

The factors that determine what we see are many and varied and the following are maybe the most interesting.

Physically we can note that we have different eye qualities and these we need not remark upon.

When we are depressed then we see differently and literally our field of vision and the colours we see close down to a narrower duller field of view.

Less well known is that we see according to our level of consciousness.

Simply stated the more evolved the consciousness the brighter and more beautiful the vision seen.

Our consciousness operates like a series of filters over our field of vision and as we raise our consciousness so the beauty increases.

To literally experience a more beautiful world, raise your consciousness.

As consciousness increases so too does the ability to see with our other senses:

With these other senses one is able to see personality characteristics in others, to see disease, to see negative energies.

Taken to it!s highest levels one can see whatever one wants in others including their thought forms.

So the next time someone says I see do not take it for granted that they are seeing what you are seeing.

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