Thursday, October 27, 2005


As a survival strategy flowers take some beating

They are usually beautiful.

They often smell good.

They are bright and cheerful and often colourful.

So when people are born we bring flowers.

When people die we bring flowers.

When we are in love we give flowers.

When we visit people in hospital we bring flowers.

When we have birthdays we give flowers.

When we have anniversaries we give flowers.

Often we paint flowers.

Perfume is often made of flower essence.

In places of worship we have flowers.

In hotels we have flowers.

In many offices we have flowers.

In homes we have flowers.

In restaurants we have flowers.

Animals seldom destroy or walk on flowers.

Flowers propagate other species.

Flowers feed other life forms.

Flowers feed humans.

Flowers provide oil.

Flowers provide medicine.

Flowers provide colour.

Flowers have few enemies.

Lucky flowers!

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