Friday, November 30, 2007

No courage

From their partner
Is how many experience the end of their relationship

Not even a goodbye

No explanation, no conversation

Just gone

If you experience this then how lucky you are

Lucky or your good karma however you want to think of it

If the other person does not have the courage to finish in the right way

So be it

For you how lucky to know earlier rather than later

The pain might be horrible for a while in fact it certainly will be

And as this goes and you stop obsessing about being left

Time to see that you were not in reality with that person

If they can walk out then your perception of them was wrong

Your projections about the relationship were wrong as well

Look at yourself and use the experience to learn

Learn how the world really is

Not how you think it should be

Not how you want it to be

How it is

Take the time to learn how you really are

Mentally say thank you for being free of something that could not work over time anyway

Get on with your life

Feel free learn to use this freedom

Start enjoying your own life in your own way

Do all those things you always wanted to do
Move on
No more projections about how things should be live life as it unfolds
Live your own life with courage

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