Thursday, December 06, 2007

Spot the nasty guys

They look like everyone else

They often seem nice

They feign interest in you when they want something

They turn on you when in trouble

They have no humor

Little or no tolerance

And a long long memory for any real or preceived injustice

Hold grudges

When you know people fitting this profile beware

Generally speaking they will only use you

They have no capacity for warmth or relationship

Only using others

Stay out of their way they will certainlyl harm you if not now then later

Leave nasty guys alone walk round them, do not engage

And where you must engage do so openly with absolute clarity that they are not your friends

Can never be and therefore are to be treated with extreme caution at all times

Any financial or other involving business to be conducted through legal channels

Nasty guys are just that nasty

Be warned

They move amongst us usually pretending to be nice guys.

What better place to hide?

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