Monday, December 03, 2007


Is required for us to live happily in these overloaded times

Overloaded in the sense that there is os much of everything we use or come into contact with

And yet when we go shopping it is often difficult to find what we want

A surfeit and yet a drought at the same time

Look at your own life plenty of some things and not enough of others

Creating a better balance is one of the skills of life

How to organise things better?
Start by noticing how many things are surplus to requirements
Cut out all those things that do not bring you anything helpful
This means if you have not worn those clothes for some time then give them away
If you have not eaten those things in months then do not buy them or store them
If you did not contact them in months then let them be

In other words time to refine and adjust your life

With so many things demanding our attention it is easy to build up clutter in our lives

Clutter that we do not notice is draining our energy and taking our time

De-clutter your life and you have time to do those things you truly want to do

Once you refine your life down to the critical few then you can add things that bring pleasure

And if you do not know what brings pleasure then start experimenting

Do something new every month.

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