Friday, November 02, 2007


is such a simple word and one we sometimes forget to use

Please sets the tone

Please softens the request

Please is used to manipulate

Please is used to cajole

And yet when under stress or pressure we often forget it at just the time when we need to remember

Ever noticed how under pressure we often forget things that we normally do without thinking?

Pressure and stress are conditions we try to avoid however they have a way of reappearing in our lives

If please is embedded in us then the chances are it will be there when needed

If it is used only to manipulate then the chances are that it will not be there when we are under stress

This tells us that under stress or pressure it is easier to see our real character

What is your?

Does please come out when you are under pressure?

Check yourself and if it is just anger or defense that emerges under pressure then time to do some work on yourself

No one likes violence and anger

Much nicer if you are a please type person

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