Saturday, November 03, 2007

True or false?

Just been asked to look at a website claiming to be a hidden truth for mankind

So I did and the website is well presented well laid out

The material is huge covering videos, paintings, philosophy, speeches and other information

It claims to be the truth and as usual with such revelations has indeed some truth

Problem is which is the truth and which is pure invention?

All of us face requests from time to time to look at some amazing discovery

Some amazing guru or master

How to know what is real and what is bullshit?

Notice pretend revelations are rambling and hard to understand

A real master has no problem being clear and precise

Pretend revelations always have a hook somewhere usually for money

Seldom do pretend revelations hang together they are not consistent
Often they are plain ugly
Usually there is some sinister conspiracy

They are not clean, they usually show the mindset of whoever put them together being uninformed about true spirituality or love

Is it true or not, can it be substantiated?

If what you are reading does not resonate for you then leave alone

If what you look at does not feel harmonious leave alone

Love is not hidden in dark alleyways

Love is open and clear

The truth is love

Use your own intuition to feel wheether or not something is real or just another con


Anonymous said...

You are of most special nature!

Thank you

Antony said...