Thursday, November 01, 2007


And waiting for something to happen

Life can be like this just waiting and hoping for change

Something to help us know what to do

It seems like there is no way out

No answer

Nothing to do

And yet there is always something to do

Usually it is where we least understand

Where we do not consider looking

Usually our thoughts are focussed firmly outside on the issues in our lives

Those things that drive us crazy

Try considering that what can be done is to change ourselves

Change our attitude

Change our perceptions

Change our behavior

Change our expectations

Yes this is what can be done in almost all situations

Change yourself and change your world

So often we live blinkered lives unwilling or unable to see

Every situation is open to change if not the physical facts then certainly our understanding of it

When waiting in frustration try challenging your understanding of the situation

Once you can do this often the situation will magically shift

Waiting is fine for a while but do not use this as an excuse to avoid other actions

Your actions on yourself

Actions to use the waiting time to grow yourself

Waiting need not be about passivity

Waiting can also be an active time

Use your waiting times wisely


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