Thursday, November 15, 2007

What makes you happy?

Is it a present?

Spending money?

Being with some one you love

Succeeding in some endeavour

A promotion. eating, sleeping

The sun shining, a walk in the park

Your children doing something, visiting a friend

And we go on and on showing that it does not really matter what the activity or event

What matters is that something feels good

Something feels lighter

An emotion in fact

Not predictable, not guaranteed nothing we can anticipate

Happiness comes and goes.

It can arrive at any time, any moment

Sure a comedian can get a laugh but that is something else

Being happy can be the result of many things however one thing that usually provides the back ground to be happy more rather than less of the time is being at one with yourself

Liking yourself

Whatever our situation if you feel good about yourself then happiness arrives rather more than less of the time

Do you like yourself?

Same old question however it is at the root of so much of our experience of life

If we do not like ourselves then life is harder less happy if you will

Liking ourselves comes from honesty believe it or not

Being honest about ourselves

Are you?

Are your values ones you truly live by?

Do you try your best at whatever you do?

Happiness is a function of these

Liking ourselves, liking how we are and if we do not like ourselves as we are then happiness is less likely to visit us

Armed with this clue if happiness is your goal then create the conditions where it is more likely to appear

Happiness cannot be ordered to appear but it can be seduced into visiting us more often.

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