Monday, November 05, 2007

Modern magic

Do we all believe in magic?

We have to when our senses cannot handle what we experience

In point of fact there is no magic
Only things we do not understand

At our level of consciousness we can be fooled easily

Today Hollywood, politics, and the media are using special effects unimaginable only a few years ago

We cannot believe what we see as many images are manipulated

We cannot believe what we hear as sound is easy to change

We cannot believe what we taste or smell as so many foods are artificially altered

So magic is not the word we would use to describe many things today

Manipulation is
Distortion is
We are steadily being manipulated in more and more areas

Fooled by images, words and smells

Be conscious of this and think twice before buying, agreeing or accepting things

It is truly an era where we need to be vigilant

To pause before agreeing or accepting things that do not ring true

Listen to that intuitive voice

When things are almost right stop and take another opinion
Do not accept pronouncements that feel wrong
Look for the truth in things
Search for the integrity in pronouncments
Sadly our world is one of manipulation and distortion not magic as we once knew it.

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