Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You realise that things have changed

Often it only takes change to one element in our lives to suddenly throw all the rest into confusion
Drama arrives in our lives

The road closes

The office moves

We have tooth ache

The metro is shut

The restaurant is not open

The cash machine does not work

We lose our wallet

And so on and so forth

We all know the feeling suddenly our secure little lives are thrown into confusion

Stress is what comes next

We have to adjust, make other plans

And so?

Notice how easy it is to disturb our balance

To change our priorities

How well do you handle these situations?

Bet you can do better

The key to doing better is to be able to put things into perspective

To step back and look at what is important and what is not

So often we make things important that are not

We identify with things that should not upset us

We attach great significance to things and events that in the wider scheme of things are not really so important

Look at what you consider to be important

Is this really so or is it because you do not want to face up to life?

To yourself perhaps?

Check what you are doing just look at your life

Are you doing what you should or are you just head down running through each day

Time goes so fast the head down out of my way I am busy approach is not so smart
Because one day nature will stop you in your tracks or you will suddenly realise how life has passed you by and all those plans are no longer going to happen
Take time to look at your life
Are you really doing what is truly important to you?
If not why not?
No excuses only you are responsible for your own life.

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