Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Love not like

Yes it is possible to love and not like someone

In fact many of us find ourselves in this situation

Often with parents

And usually it makes us feel bad, guilty


Because we believe that we should like our parents

It is a sort of inbuilt unquestioned cultural thing

We should like our parents

Stop and think a minute

If your mother is a bitch on wheels why should you like her?

If she is a manipulative control freak why should you like her?

If your father is a violent drunk or abusive and puts you down why should you like him?
Extremes maybe but for many not far off the mark
So why should you feel guilty if you do not like them?

Love them for bringing you into this life yes

For giving you healthy genetic traits yes

But like no

Realize that they are your biological parents only

Your spirit is yours alone and owes nothing to them

Indeed is nothing to do with them only you

Your parents physically brought you into this world

Yes we should honor our parents but not like them if they are unpleasant

The above is subtle think about it

Love yes, like no

That's fine and for many this is how it is

Feels good though to finally know how to feel about them


Anonymous said...

dear Antony,
If they are only biological parents who are our spiritual parents, true role models of guidance and truth?

Antony said...

We are ourselves, our higher selves that is

What some call the voice of intuition is an example of our higher self