Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Monday

And another week
More of the same, just like last week

It might be, it's up to you

One thing we all see though is how fast the weeks go by

This year went fast too

Time is different

As a friend said to me recently

It is not the week that goes slowly

It is the weekend

Is this true for you that the week goes in a flash and the weekend is what slows right down?

Maybe it is because the weekend has value while the week is something we have to do

So today notice it is Monday and notice how you experience it

Is it semi-automatic?

Turn it round make each and every day special

It only takes one event, one situation and it will become special

Often this is a negative event

You lose something

Someone says something nasty

You make a mistake

Things don't happen as they should

This is all true and the obverse can be too it is up to you

Make this Monday special by feeling love

Love for life
Appreciation for your health

The appreciation that you have choices

Make choices of love today
Try enjoying going to work
Enjoy going home too
Be conscious of both
And the rest
Choose consciously to enjoy every minute
Time is different today

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