Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is it what you thought

Life that is

Did you think it would be like this?

Could be like this

What do you want from it?

More to the point what are you putting into it

Does it push you around or are you making active choices

We can only do the best with what comes our way each day

However we can decide that over time we will achieve our goals

Goals to change jobs, learn more about something, change relationships

And all of these start because we decided to change

So if your life is not as you thought then consider first why did you expect it to be a certain way?

Was this wishful thinking

Was there any reason why it should have been that way

If your answers are no then time to examine what you want from now on

The past is gone let it go you cannot change it

The future can be different if you determine to take steps to cause change to come into your life

Be realistic, be bold then set things in motion

Live each day in the present moment enjoying each day

Do this in the knowledge that you are moving towards the changes you decided to bring into your life

You can now experience life as it really is, a process

Life is always process it is just that sometimes we don't realise this.

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