Saturday, November 10, 2007


For anyone wanting to grow vertically this is mandatory

The ability to embrace antitheses

What is antitheses?

Examples of antitheses are:

A complete indifference to fame but at the same time self-affirmation

Renunciation of possessions but at the same time life in the midst of possessions

Complete freedom from worldly desires but at the same time profound interest in worldly work

All these antitheses should be harmonized in the consciousness of the one wanting to grow

The main thing to comprehend is that all renunciation primarily is achieved in .spirit

There are so many people who appear indifferent to their possessions and yet in their thoughts are constantly coveting more.

And so many self-styled "unassuming" people, who "would not even think of any publicity", in their inner selves are hoping that they will be noticed

And what about those who fast and who are yet longing for the renounced food?

And those who are hoping to be doubly compensated for their labour and sacrifices?

Poor self-deluded prisoners!

Who can explain to them that their efforts are useless and will never bring them liberation but will rather harden their hearts

Vertical or spiritual liberation is not achieved by force but by the realization of the heart.

A person who is free from all worldly attachments will not talk about them because his renunciation will be natural simple and taken for granted

This "taken for granted" attitude is the most important achievement because if there is left even the slightest regret, or condemnation of others, all the efforts will be fruitless

H. Roerich

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