Sunday, November 11, 2007

Short term gain

Get what you want any way you can

No moral scruples or rules that cannot be bent or ignored in the pursuit of self interest

Lies are openly used

Lies are used and spun with a coating of justification

All moral and ethical considerations ignored

Be warned you play with nature at your peril

Where you harm or hurt others through thought or action karma will make you pay

No doubt, no argument, no discussion the law of karma governs everything in our solar system

You might not see the other paying for his actions

You might not see karma being enforced

No matter it is absolute

Nature enforces karma to the last grain of injustice

So next time you think someone or something is fair game be warned

There is no free ride

The journey of life is about testing our courage to do the right thing

Our self discipline to behave ethically

Our love for ourselves and others

Life is about our growing evolving consciousness

Our ability to live with and overcome obstacles

Life is not about cheating others
Short term gain is invariably long term pain

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