Monday, November 12, 2007

Does it get better?

Life tends to be wave like

Some periods are fine while others are bumpy

The fine periods we quickly adjust to and expect to last forever

The difficult periods we find tough and feel that they go on for ever

If we do not learn and grow then the bad periods are never going to get easier

If we learn and grow then yes the bad periods are easier to live with

For example being in a bad period and worrying about it all the time just makes it worse

The worrying seldom helps to make it better but most of us do this

Deciding to let go is what is best but how to let go when things are falling in on us?

Let go of thinking about the past

It has happened, it has gone we can't change it so let it go

The future is also not worth thinking about too much as it never works out as we imagine it will

Yes we can point ourselves in a particular direction but that is about all

It is this moment now that offers us the most protection from hard times

Just appreciate all you have without worrying about what you don't have
Live in this moment now keeping your mind on what is around you and not wandering off worrying
If you practice forcing your mind to stay here and now then yes things can get better
It is the worrying that causes the trouble
For sure things can be bad, however the worrying does not make things better
Staying in this moment now does help to balance us in troubled times.
Yes it can get better when we learn to let go and not take ourselves so seriously

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Anonymous said...

Dear Antony,

please know that your blog is really on the dot, and so are we in reading it each day. It helps and is letting us know that we are part of nature!!!!
Roerich I had to print out, as these teachings I feel one needs to memorize and imprint them in ones mind.

Thank you from me Cristina and with love! Alexandra