Saturday, November 17, 2007


Is for most of us a natural part of life

We cannot have what we want whenever we want

We sometimes think we can

Usually we find that we need to compromise

To consider other people's need or aspirations

Compromise is also useful in reaching objectives

When we do not compromise we are faced with a choice to lose all or salvage something

Indeed we learn this in the playground and those who do not face more trouble later when inevitably they have to learn
Where do we draw the line and how hard do we fight or negotiate?

Our life experience helps us not to give away too much or too little

This life experience is the culmination of all that we have learned

One thought though if you are honest then compromise is clearer and more straight forward

If you are dishonest then it is more stressful because you are changing your position to fit whatever the situation in order to gain your objective

Politicians do this all the time as do diplomats

In fact in the modern world it is fashionable to accept lies as acceptable behaviour, normal almost

You can do the same maybe you already do

Be warned where you harm another human you will pay

There is no free passage for those who compromise with the truth

Compromise is fine where both win or gain

Not so good where one is made to lose because it will be your turn in the future

Choose to compromise in good faith and where the other party behaves badly nature will redress the balance in her own way and in her own time.

Compromise in good faith.

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