Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I nearly did it

I nearly did

How many times was the nearly a lack of effort on your part?

How many times was it just bad luck

Not my day

And so the excuses go on

Ever thought that you can increase the chance of nearly becoming I did it

Two things usually get in the way

We do not focus single mindedly

We lack belief that we can

The first single minded focusing is the hallmark of all successful people in sport or business or any other endeavour

If you are going to do something then why not focus?

Put all your attention on it, do not allow any distractions

Which leads to the second, the doubt that you can

If others have done whatever it is before you, then why not you?

If others have done it then you decide that you will too taking your self belief up that notch that can make all the difference

Let go of the fear of failure, embrace maximum effort and focus

Try it, focus and do it

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