Monday, October 29, 2007

Some mothers

What can you do when your mother intrudes into your life?

Many mothers use their children, grown children that is, as substitutes for their own lives

Meaning they live their lives vicariously through their children

Children of thirty forty and fifty years old that is

Are you one such?

If you are then check out how you are controlled and manipulated as if you did not know already

Are you able to break free though?

To spend your life prisoner to one's mother is not a pleasant way to spend one's life

Selfish mothers are evil

Using every device known to control and manipulate their daughters and sons

Wake up and see them for what they are

Selfish dysfunctional women
Start by creating distance
Do not share what you do or where you go, this is your business not hers
Do not communicate every day or frequently
Do not say yes to her demands, invite her to focus on her own life
Understand that it will take time to change things around
A battle for your own life no .
Understand clearly intrusive mothers have no shame or consideration for those they use.
To take your own life back is not easy but the fight is about your life no less.
Literally you have to be brave and clear that you have rights too
Rights to live your life making your own choices

Some mothers!

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