Sunday, October 28, 2007

So light

Can be the day

Look to the light

Shut your eyes

Imagine a beautiful scene, your favourite

Hold this scene
No thoughts just the scene

Then open eyes and see the beauty continuing

Just hold it leaving other thoughts aside

Therine lies the real challenge

Beauty is easy to see if only we can leave our minds aside

No thoughts, just observing the beauty of life around us
Even city scenes can be beautiful if we look
Trouble is we do not see the beauty
We are too busy listening to our minds
Stop the useless chatter of your mind and beauty is all around us
If the scene around you is ugly then look up at the sky
Notice how we get out of the habit of seeing beauty
It's a habit so shut out mind chatter and use your eyes to see light and beauty

1 comment:

exvortex said...

Sky was really beautifull^^