Saturday, October 27, 2007

Someone dying

In your life is not always easy to help

What to say?

Avoid the subject of death?

Talk about it?

No straight answer as everyone approaches this in their own way

But if they do want to talk about death

Do you know what death is?

Is the death of the physical body death to you?

The death of the brain maybe?

Do you have any idea about what comes after death?

Interesting that death is a certainty for all of us

Yet few have ever looked at the prevailing ideas about what it is and what it is not

Taboo almost

Ignorant certainly

The truth is that death is transition, but transition of what to where?

If you want a better life then inform yourself


Because if you know how it works then psychologically you feel more secure

You live your life better more freely

Less getting up tight as you get older

Western ideas are based on deliberate falsification of original Christian teaching

Basically the current ideas give power and influence to the church

Free yourself and inform yourself

So that you can help that person dying to feel better about death

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