Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As in hurt by someone

Is something most of us go through

At the time it seems like the end of the world

And in a sense it is

The end of a relationship

The end never to reach the dream or expectations one had

Never to reach fulfillment

The one leaving the relationship is often fine because they are going somewhere

To someone else so they have the expectation of something new exciting even

The one being left is the one who feels the pain

Why did it happen?

Often we cannot understand that we did no wrong

Just that the other party wanted to leave

For whatever reason that is OK


Because it takes two to say yes and one to say no

If one says no then better let him go

It will not work if based on lies or false perceptions

So while it might seem like the end of the world better to finish now before other complications like children come along

Time is the only healer

Time and keeping busy

Keep busy doing all those things you never got around to while in relationship

Do new things explore other possibilities, go away take breaks in new places

Difficult but easier if you keep busy and understand better to be out of a relationship where the other party does not want to be there for whatever reason

Yes it is painful and yes it is not easy however it will pass and often we can look back later and see how lucky we were that things happened this way

Nature is so often smarter than us

Trust that life will show us the way
Pain is pain and only we can end this pain
By letting go, truly letting go

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