Thursday, October 25, 2007

Over time

We lose contact with people we knew

They just faded away

We did not make the effort

They went their way we went ours

Our lives consume us

So many things to do

So busy

Never seem to have time

Time to notice the changes

That as we change so does our need for friends

When we are in relationship some friends stay

Others do not fit any longer

So they slide away

Being at the center of our lives we hardly notice

Time to tho' because this life is so short

Friends, true friends that is do not come along so often

Usually they are those we have know from when we were young
We trust them
We know each other so well .
So cherish the ones you have.


Anonymous said...

I cherish you and Ljuba, hoping Gaby is taking this to heart, as I cherish her as well.

Antony said...

Who knows?