Thursday, October 04, 2007


Hair salons are one of the few places where modern humans sit and look at each other

Over time that is

So one has plenty of opportunities to observe the games people play

Why do so many feel the need to be one up on each other?
To show off

Looks, glances

Loud comments

Boastful improbable stories

All apparently to impress unknown strangers

Are their lives really that shallow and empty?

Yes and if you should go into certain restaurants the game is the same

Some holiday resorts likewise

Nightclubs even more so

Anywhere in fact where they can be seen and heard

A little world of nothing except vain narcissism and often malicious gossip
Lives spent flaunting themselves in public desperate to be noticed

And inside just a relentless focus on the next opportunity to show off

Their lives relentlessly dedicated to themselves

What would we do without them?

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