Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mmmmm - 50

'[T]he members of the Great Brotherhood . . .

are continuously acting as a Guardian Wall . . .

around mankind, shielding and protecting it against dangers both of a cosmic and terrestrial character, of which the multitudes know less than nothing.'

(ET 1058-9)

'What are these evils?

They are simply entities and powers and influences and forces which,

were they to enter our human sphere, would wreak evil upon us because they are not . . ....

in sympathy with us, though in . . . their own spheres, in their own lands, they are no more evil than we are.'

(Dia 3:293)

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Anonymous said...

dear Antony,is there a way one can draw on this sense of protection when one feels personally psychically vulnerable unprotected or under attack?