Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Political power

Is the addiction of choice for certain types of humans
Humans who have a desperate desire to control
To grab what they can and then some more
Never enough
They are happy to compromise anything in order to stay in power
To lie without thought

Wheel and deal.

Spin stories about themselves

Who love to see themselves in the news, on TV

Once hooked they cannot let go

How many go gracefully?

Which is why we need strong constraints on the abuse of power

Unfortunately these are often amended by those in power to allow themselves to continue

The reason for wanting power so often has nothing more important than they want it

No idea to improve or help those they rule

Just a desire for power

To have someone open the car door

People to do their beck and call

To preen and strut

And once they have grabbed all that they or their future generations can use

One would think that they might then do something constructive

Something to help their country, their constituents

To make it a better place

But no just endless intrigue

Clinging on until the next leaner, meaner competitor comes along

Then killed or removed and off we go again

How long before we find another way to select leaders?

To elect those who understand service and do what they should do?

Utopia for the moment

Power is the preserve of the greedy

Men and women who are driven at all costs to take power for the sake of taking it

Poor world, only over time can we hope to remove the greedy
Slowly, slowly more light is shone on the hidden deals that are essential for the behaviour that protects greed
Not spectacular but slowly progress is made
Do we have time for this slow way of attrition?.

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