Monday, October 01, 2007

Scientific dilemma

Scientific man, to believe the press, is really on top of his game

Science knows this 'n that, we are making great progress in many fields

True we are making progress in some areas, often technical ones

Notice though how every time science or the journalists say we have got somewhere, awkwardly for them we then realise that the result produced has not finished the question it has just exposed more work to be done, more questions to be answered

Classic example is the genome project, which made some lucky scientists very rich, and was going to unlock the secrets of life and so many other things

It did move us forward................a bit......... and it also revealed that DNA and RNA are much more important than they had understood and no we have not unlocked what we said we would.............. so back to the drawing board.

In other fields the same, more problems, more money please, with lots of spin when things do not work out.

What is clear though is that reductionism is coming to the end of it's useful working life in many fields.

Reductionism being the basic belief system of current mainstream science

It cannot take us where we need to go


Because moving from particulars to universals (reductionism) cannot answer key questions

An example would be consciousness

Understanding consciousness is a critical area where we have moved hardly at all

Some scientists might claim that we know a lot

Not true when we cannot satisfactorily define consciousness let alone explain it

Also because we barely understand the basic plumbing that tells us what twitched where in the brain let alone why

Consciousness is the most basic and most important area we need to understand

Because it is at the root of everything humanity is involved with

Reductionism cannot handle this subject at the centre of everything

Reductionism cannot define or even explain consciousness

Consciousness is beyond mind and reductionism is all about mind

Reductionism only uses mind

So we are reaching a dead end

How to move further than reductionism?

With difficulty because reductionist scientists will fight to the death to defend their position and status

This has always been the way when old thinking no longer answers mankind's needs

So leaving aside politics where do we need to go?

Beyond the mind

How do you go beyond the mind?

By learning to control the mind

By shutting it down

Stopping mind from working

By experiencing what comes beyond mind

By letting go and listening and learning about your greater self

By learning to listen to your heart

Heart is way beyond mind

And through these experiences emerges truth

Truth that can be validated repeatedly, confirmed by others

An understanding emerges that leads to truth

Beyond mind we find that we do not need to fight nature

We can work with nature

We are part of nature

And this is very frightening to many scientists

Hence the current dilemma between old and new science..

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Anonymous said...

This is so well put. Thanks. There is no reason throw away technology, nor think that it will solve our most pressing problems. Maybe you could write more on this?