Sunday, September 30, 2007

We are our own parents

Difficult to believe but truer than we imagine

Here's how

Over hundreds of millions of years humanity has been evolving

Yes many hundreds of millions but let's not go into this here
Modern humans with sexual reproductive procreation around eighteen million years

This evolution continued to the point where humanity evolved a body of mind

Which in turn produced in us a self-reflective consciousness

The power to reason to look back and forward

To be responsible for our thoughts and actions

At this point karma became operative for humanity on an individual basis

Karma is the source or original rule of the universe

The oldest and boss rule of all

Karma simply stated says what we do and think has cause and effect

Put another way what goes round comes round with both thought and actions

So turning to us being our own parents

If what we think and do has consequences then our thoughts and actions now create what we will be in the future

What we are today is what our thoughts and actions created from an earlier time

So in a very real sense we are our own parents

Our mothers provide the workshop where we create ourselves

We provide our own characteristics based upon our accumulated attributes and needs for each new life

Our personalities start evolving each life from the time spent in our mother's wombs.

Our experiences, friends, families and relationships are all a function of our own creation

Our future is created by our thoughts and actions today

Meaning that in a very real sense you are your own parent

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