Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don't come close

So lonely, shy little things

Many a woman

Predators Irritable, calculating machines
Know the price of everything and the value of nothing

Has the perfect scenario in her head

The perfect life all mapped out

Down to the minutest detail

Big house, money, big car, second home, yacht maybe all the essentials
Children, middle age, happy homes the lot you name it

So along comes a man who shows interest

For a few meetings all goes well

Then out come the stories about how he is lacking this and that

Once or twice more they meet before he fades away

More loneliness until the next

And so it goes on the years passing by

Middle age beckons

Too late nothing to do

Just living life alone

A poodle and a few acquaintances maybe.

Shame really how so many never find reality
Never compromise
Never get real or honest
Never accept that they are the problem
They are the reason why nothing came of their plans
What a waste
A timeless story

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