Monday, October 08, 2007

Smile 35

Yes a smile every thirty five minutes please

Why 35?

Because it will stick more easily in your mind than thirty minutes or one hour
And why smile?

Because we alll respond to smiles

Smiles help us feel better

They are certainly more good for you than a controlled mask

So many walk around with masks on

Masks that hide feelings

Masks that project sad

Masks that project tired

Nothing will change this planet unless we all contribute

If kids living in refugee camps can smile what is your excuse?
Look at the smile in the photo above, so natural
So beautiful
We all look better when we smile
Go on you be the first and watch it go round the world

One day it will come back to you

Neat here comes my smile I sent it all the way round my country

Smile every 35 minutes please

Every day not just on weekends or with friends

Smile 35.

1 comment:

Arjuna said...

Hi Anthony

totally agree with you on the smile. I'm reading Paramahansa Yogananda on smiling and being a smile millionaire - fantastic works. I'm impressed by your favourite book - I'm hoping to read DePuruker "Fundamentals of Esoteric Philopsopy" some day. I also have a blog on the benefits of laughing and smiling. All the very best to you and a blessed Christmas
Greg Govinda