Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Anger can go on for years
Every time there is a new argument out come all the old alleged crimes

No way to move on, because the list gets ever longer and over time becomes embedded in the mind of the accuser

Comes the day when one must decide to move or stay

Move out from an intolerable situation

Not easy because other factors, little things like the house, way of life, friends, children are often involved

Either fight every time an argument arises, which gets very tiring

Relapse into silence

Find other places to be, other activities that keep one away

Or choose to leave

Leaving might not be a panacea either

Financially it can be difficult

Emotionally too

No easy choice however being true to yourself is probably the most important aspect

If you are not true to yourself then life is even harder
Life can be very challenging sometimes but living a lie is more so
Choose to live with integrity and honesty
Wherever that might take you

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