Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Still grey

because I cannot stand my husband

I hate my boss

I hate my job

My family are impossible

Absolutely so

No way out I just hate it

First thing is the way you look at these issues

Using the word hate does not help even if he is the biggest bastard on the planet

The thought forms we use have power so hating someone will inevitably create a boomerang effect further along in our life

Change your hate to something positive such as I am going to leave at the earliest opportunity

The next step is the truth of your situation

If it so impossible then why don't you leave?

You say it is impossible you have to stay for the children or you need the job and there is no other

All might seem true, might be true but until you change this perception or truth as you see it nothing will change

So the real truth is what?

A hard unacceptable situation or one where you perceive this to be true?

If it is impossible to change then somehow we have to live with the unacceptable

Yes and make the best of this because it is the only possibility for the time being

Time being because there is a beginning, middle, and end to everything

It can well be that your life is tough even horrible and it might last all your life

Probably not if you can learn from this horrible situation

Nature usually lets us move on once we have learnt our lesson

So what is your lesson in this situation?

Can you see it?

Are you perhaps also not such an angel?

Find out get input from others to help you understand what you can learn

Then again it might be perception in which case you change the perception as a first step

Then change the situation by taking risk

Sometimes we say it is impossible when we mean we do not want to accept risk

Without risk many situations will not change

So the bottom line is your situation might be hard grey and yes that might be your lot on the other hand there might be a way to change things if you learn your lessons

Whatever, the starting point is inside you

It is always inside us, so start there

Reexamine yourself

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