Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Is all in our electronic electrically powered world

Pull out the plug and everything comes to a screeching halt

Even those battery powered devices are not much good when the battery runs out

We don’t think much about this because as usual there is not much we can do

If our water stops the same not much we can do particularly if we are urban dwellers

The list goes on and in most if not all cases there is not much we can do

Our parents remember a time when people knew how do basic things like grow vegetables and fix the car if it broke down, which they often did

Today many cannot cook let alone grow anything

So we play roulette and trust that all works well

For ever

Is it likely?

Not very

So what to do

Take those steps which allow you to survive for a short period of time without your modern resources

If it is a long term problem then too bad we are all in the same situation where we find out how organised our governments are

If it is short term then yes it makes sense to have a plan b)

So consider your plan b)

Better still have a plan b)

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