Monday, October 15, 2007

Grey people

To be found in most major cities particularly in the Northern Hemisphere

Why there?

Because this where so many stressed people live

Plodding along day in day out trying to keep up with their bills

Trying not to see the greyness of their lives

Looking forward to escape by tv in the week

To freedom for a couple of days at the weekend

Feeling powerless to change things

Maybe not even thought that this might be possible

Possible to experience a freedom from grey

For those wishing to escape grey

As they say it's all in the mind
Your mind
Do you enjoy going to work?
Do you enjoy coming home?
Do you enjoy consciously
Do you consciously enjoy things in your life?
Decide to enjoy what you do
Stop just doing
Just getting there, just eating lunch, just being at work
Decide to enjoy today, enjoy the idea of this blog
Please enjoy your day I cannot do it for you only you can do that
Consciously enjoy your life
Banish the grey

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Antony. Beautiful words today. A wise man once suggested that we waste our desire on what is. I try to take that to heart.