Saturday, October 20, 2007


Approaching fast

Free time approaching fast too

How will the weather be this weekend?

In the greater scheme of things the climate has always changed

The medieval warm period was hotter than we are now

It lasted for many hundreds of years

So our changeable weather is nothing new even though some would have us believe it to be so

What is new is the hysteria and exaggerated drama around anything to do with weather

For sure the old certainties are gone

What about your weekends then?

Still the same?

Or are you changing them too?
Doing new things

Getting out and enjoying the weekend

Sitting at home watching TV

Whatever your choices be prepared for more change

Weekends are changing too
For some the weekends feel like the only reality
They find the weekend goes slowly and the weeks pass in a blur
Time flying by with only weekends being real.
And fro you?

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