Friday, October 19, 2007

Nice thought

Is like a nice surprise, it feels good
Nice thoughts are also a means to change our life

How come?

Because if we cultivate nice thoughts they become a new way of thinking for us

They become a natural part of our life

Nice thoughts generate more nice thoughts

Before long it is natural to think nice thoughts frequently

Nice thoughts in turn generate nice actions

The imprint of nice becomes more ingrained

One catch if you are suspicious, paranoid and deeply miserable then the above will be quite a stretch

Negative ways of thinking will tend to obviate the possibility of nice being a reality for you

The basic condition for any positive change in our lives has to be that we want to find and be nicer

If we do not then nothing is going to change our negative imprint that the world is not a nice place

Nice is habit forming just as the opposite is

Choose nice as your imprint

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