Friday, October 12, 2007

Hope gone missing

Hope springs eternal or so the saying goes

Not for the British apparently

In a recent survey 70% of the people in Britain rate terrorism as their greatest fear

Hang on few people get killed by terrorism in Britain

Thousands get killed in car accidents though

What is going on?

Terrorism has been around one way or another for thousands of years

We do not know how our ancestors reacted to terrorism but can guess that it had a lesser effect because communications were very different

Today fear of so many things pushes in upon us, it never stops

One disaster or act of violence follows another

Decide to let go of worrying about violence

The odds on it happening to you are remote

So live life in love not fear

The switch from useless worrying to loving life is literally life changing

If you want a good life then take it
Enjoy it share it

Find pleasure in your life

Funny thing we all can

It is down to us

No one but ourselves can do this

Truly you alone are responsible for what you think or worry about

Others might be paid to scare us and sensationalize disgusting acts of violence
Tune out

Find light and leave thoughts of fear behind

The more you live in love the less likely violence is to find you

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