Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We make them and then break them

We casually commit

Why do we say we will do this when on reflection we know we will not?
Not wanting to appear selfish

Wanting to look good

Wanting to appear helpful

Hoping to gain an advantage

No matter over time this will get us a bad name

For those of an evil disposition no worries because they just keep moving on

They don't care anyway just what plays to their perceived gain

For the rest of humanity do not make promises you will not keep

Learn to say no

To say I will not

For many this is hard because they seldom notice that the price paid later is greater than the percieved gain now

To promise and then agonise how to reverse the promise is stressful and time consuming

Broken promises add up over time and create a change in your energy

Un-noticed often is that there is no great distance from a broken promise to a lie

Looks like such a little thing, but actually it is harmful in so many ways

Beware of promises

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