Monday, June 25, 2007

In times of need

We find that those we thought would be there for us suddenly disappear

Many so called friends melt away, gone

Often someone we hardly noticed

On the periphery of our lives

Moves forward

Demonstrates true friendship

Funny this

And after the storm passes

Fades away again
We relax crisis past

What did we learn?

That we are not clear about ourselves and our relationships
Did we?
Because if we had been accurate then those "friends" would not have disappeared

Check it out while times are normal

Check out do I really have that much in common with those around me?

Or am I in my ego

Am I being used?

Am I using others?

Are you?
Then create real relationships
Ones based on mutual respect
Shared values
Make such appreciations a natural part of developing your relationships
Effort gives meaning to a relationship

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