Friday, June 01, 2007


Scientists have established that many Europeans became more depressed during the 1950's

In the Second World War this was not the case

Then again they found that this went away to an extent in the 1960's only to reappear in the 1990's.

Today depression is coming earlier with many being depressed by the age of only 26 years old.

OK if this is true are you one such?

If not then fine, if yes then time to sort it.

Depression can be very subtle with people not being aware that they are in depression.

If things look negative to you then check your perceptions with those around you.
Ask others what they see
Do they also see things so negatively?.

Only real way out is to alter your understanding of reality.

This rests in your mind.

How to change your mind?

Ah, no easy fix here

Work and more work.

Are you up to this?
Start by working to fix your attention outside of yourself
Stop endless thinking about yourself and your problems
Live in this moment now
Stay busy with things outside yourself.
Be disciplined in this

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